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The Peacock Paper Story


Sometimes you get a feeling...

What did a girl who spends 9-5 working in the stock market, runs a blog, spends her time with her husband, family and friends and gets way too much joy out of cleaning out a closet know about running a planner company?  Not a lot, but I knew what wasn’t working. 

I have spent YEARS searching for the perfect planner and now I'm going to let my Type-A light shine bright - I still have pretty much every planner I’ve had since high school. They are like my journals and I can’t let go!  Sometimes I would even switch mid-year because I didn’t like what I was I have quite the collection. I would find one and love it for a while and then catch myself not finding it useful or carrying extra notebooks and loose papers because there wasn’t space for everything I needed. To say I was frustrated with my organizational system would be a fair assessment. Fast forward...

I debated designing my own planner a few years ago and casually mentioned it to a friend. Their negative reaction deflated my idea and, frankly, took the wind out of my sails.  Fast forward (again) a few years and I decided that I shouldn’t let what one person said scare me from trying something new. I had the support of my husband and family and student loan bills pushing me to step out of the box!  

I have a passion for planning and organization. My lists and color coded scheduling are famous and made fun of lovingly in my family. I’ve always said organizing people’s lives, closets and houses as a professional organizer would be my dream job. I do not have a background in design, I had a ton to learn about this process but I had the passion to create something new and different.  I wanted a product that had all the essentials. One tool I could carry to track everything I needed. A product that had a classic cover that I would want to carry around but wouldn’t look out of place in office meetings either. Several months of planning and design later, the Essential Planner was born!  

I am so proud of our planners. I really do believe that you will love them! There isn’t a planner out there that can make you organized all on its own. However, I know that if you utilize the features of the Essential Planner to keep you organized and efficient, you will be able to free up time for the real essentials in life: Faith, family and happiness.